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food security and livelihood

Promotes sustainable Community livelihood development and rehabilitation (Food Security), and improved community livelihoods and reduced poverty levels by assisting vulnerable households’ with unrestricted cash transfers with focus on the most vulnerable (women, men, girls, boys and persons with disability (PWDs) affected by flooding and other natural disasters. we empower communities with life skills training ( on income generating activities such as; tailoring, bedsheets decoration, table cloth making, Beads making, Soap making and establishing of Village saving loan association (VSLAs), and also gives refresher training for local traders. Provision of basic instructions on agricultural and fishing practices for farmers and fishermen especially on fishing skills and fish preservations.

Food security and livelihoods support is an important part of emergency response and building long-term community and household resilience.

Food security is when all people have physical and economic access at all times to buy, produce, obtain or consume sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for a healthy and active life.

Livelihoods are the capabilities, assets and activities required for people to earn money and secure a means of living.

Our food security and livelihoods programmes vary greatly depending on the context and are often delivered in combination with other sectors. They focus on three main areas:

Ensuring access to food and the protection of livelihoods during and immediately after an emergency, primarily through cash assistance and in-kind transfers
Restoring and reinforcing community and household assets, capabilities, and strategies to improve food security and secure livelihoods during the recovery phase following a disaster or crisis
Strengthening food security, expanding climate-smart and green livelihoods, and building household resilience by supporting improved rural and urban production, self- and paid employment, and entrepreneurship

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