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The children in need of support constitute a large percentage of population in South Sudan. The child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding. Children require care regarding physical and mental health as well as the tools to be included in society as well-rounded citizens. However, indicators show a decline in social and economic welfare of children.

Orphan children make up a huge percentage of population in South Sudan, a situation derived from the civil war, HIV/AIDS scourge, poverty and poor health conditions.

Promote the non-violent resolution of conflicts program and Increase access to quality welfare of both children and adolescents, particularly those affected by conflict of different kinds and emergencies, intervene in the most affected areas, initiate some psychosocial care services for women, men and children who have shown visible signs of trauma and stress due to current conflict that engulf the all of the Country through GBV program, there are still enormous gaps that require support. AFAA give awareness of the benefits of early reporting of rape cases continues to be low among community members and often leads to reporting well after the 72 hours when lifesaving treatments such as antiretroviral and emergency contraception could have been administered. AFAA will provide the wide-ranging GBV and health services in the community.

When conflict erupts or disaster strikes, people often are in need of protection from violence, coercion and deliberate deprivation. States have the primary responsibility to protect persons under their control. In situations of armed conflict, all parties to armed conflict, whether States or organized armed groups, must respect and protect civilians, including by taking all feasible precautions to spare them from the effects of hostilities. Affected populations themselves are also key actors in their own protection.

For humanitarian organizations such as AFAA, protection is about advocating for and supporting actions that aim to reduce and prevent people’s exposure to risks and to ensure respect for the rights of individuals by those responsible, in accordance with international humanitarian, human rights and refugee law.

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