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May 23 2023

Provision of essential emergency health services to vulnerable communities in Panyinjiar County of Unity State

  • This project has largely contributed to positive change with life-saving services to flood affected acute food insecure communities in Panyijiar county.
  • During the reporting period, Alliance for Action Aid conducted Project inception community mobilization and sensitization meetings to communicate the project purpose including involving of the community members, CHD and the authority on project plans and activities within Majak locations.
  • Alliance for Action Aid managed to establish 1 static facility (PHCU) at Majak boma of kol Payam in Panyijiar county.
  • A total of 2,894 beneficiaries were reached with life-saving health care services including; OPD consultations, immunization, health education and training on IPC, COVID-19 in Majak health facility.
  • Emergency 3 cases management were referred to Nyal and Ganyiel PHCC for further management. Alliance for action aid conducted 1 quantitative supportive supervision for Majak PHCU to ensure all the services are provided as per the Basic Package of Health and Nutrition Services guidelines.
  • A total of 1,648 vulnerable individuals were reached with OPD curative consultation: IDPS were 449, host community being 749 and returnees 450.
  • The project has achieved indicated result segregation by age. Male U5 467, male above 5 year 412, female U5 412 and female above 5 years 357 within the last three months.
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